AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, AND FAA AC 0056B ACCREDITED

Catalogue of Technical Standard Orders Parts by letter S

TSO No. TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Name RFQ
tso-c87 sagem avionics, inc sagem avionics inc. integrated 453-0550-6x(x), RFQ
tso-c43a smith aerospace ltd temperature instruments 2262-01-1, 2262-01-1 mod x, 2262-02-1 mod x, RFQ
tso-c34b sensor systems, inc. N/A s41422( ), RFQ
tso-c90 satco, inc. pallet assembly 33460-509, RFQ
tso-c39a spinks industries, inc. N/A al 1018-00-00, RFQ
tso-c75 stratoflex, inc. aerospac N/A 170d(xxx)-16cr-length, 156h(xxx) -20, 170d(xxx)-12cr-length, 171(xxx) -12, 170d(xxx)-8cr-length, 156f115-6d-length, 156f115-5s-length, 170d(xxx)-10cr-length, 156f115-4s-length, 170d(xxx)-6cr-length, 170j(xxx)-10, 170j(xxx) -16, 170(xxx), 170(xxx)-10cr-l series, 170(xxx)-12cr-l series, 170(xxx)-16cr- RFQ
tso-c8d sagem avionics, inc icds-8 display system 453-0550-80, RFQ
tso-c38d sigma tek, inc. N/A 1 u619-( ), 1 u619-( ), 1u573-( ), 1u573-( ), RFQ
tso-c62e specialty tires of americ aircraft tires 31325, RFQ
tso-c39c sicma aero seat single passenger seat, type a, 21(xx)1(x)(x)-0(xx), RFQ
tso-c35d s-tec corporation aud-251h, audio panel 690117-(), RFQ
tso-c72c sicma aero seat N/A 50(xxx)7(x)(x)b331-(x), 96(xxx)7(x)(x)(x)3(x)(x)-(x), RFQ
tso-c72c starr aircraft products, bottom dress cover assemblies model 881000-all, RFQ
tso-c139 sennheiser electronic gmb headsets and headphones 046-35-( ), RFQ
tso-c9a s-tec corporation N/A 0110-( ), 0104-( ), 0103-( ), 0110-( ), RFQ
tso-c44a sagem avionics, inc fuel computer model fc-10 pn 453-2000, RFQ
tso-c34c s-tec corporation gls-350e glide slope receiver 690118-2 & 3, RFQ
tso-c25 sinclair refining co. N/A n5768b, n5768a, n5768c, RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies, inc. ae screw hb2s-w3-001, 94708, RFQ
tso-c55 s-tec corporation data acquistion unit (dau), fu 85-267-(), RFQ
tso-c23b sign of the gul N/A 100-( ), RFQ
tso-c127a sicma aero seat double passenger seat type a, 95537(x)(x)-(x)(xx), RFQ
tso-c148 skybolt aeromotive corp fasteners cloc 2600 series and zlock 2500 series, RFQ
tso-c43a schlumberger industries N/A 522848, 523244, 522459, 522945, RFQ
tso-c2d sagem avionics, inc oat outside air temperature se 116-5030, RFQ
tso-c60b sagem avionics, inc (canc loran antenna - high speed bla model loran antenna pn 455-6029, model loran antenna pn 452-0183, RFQ
tso-c6e sagem avionics, inc integrated cockpit display sys icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8xx, icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8x, RFQ
tso-c4c sagem defense securite attitude heading reference uni p/n 261500123-04xx, RFQ
tso-c45b sagem avionics, inc integrated cockpit display sys icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8x, icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8xx, RFQ
tso-c39b sicma aero seat fourth occupant seat type 1 167(xx)(x)(x)-(xx), RFQ
tso-c39b sutton aviation N/A 1000-01, 2000-02, RFQ
tso-c139 sennheiser electronic gmb cable for headsets and headpho 999-( ), RFQ
tso-c64a scott aviation N/A 289-801-( ) series, RFQ
tso-c90a sgh gmbh N/A 067-1000-00, RFQ
tso-c90c satco, inc. N/A 36095-( ) series, 33160-( ), -511, 33460-( ) series, 34583-( ) series, 34781-( ) series, 34782-505, 34782-( ), 34782-( ) series, 34802-( ) series, 34853-( ) series, 34915-( ) series, 34963-( ) series, 35115-( ), -501, 32764-505, 35200-503, 35200-( ) series, 35200-( ), -503, 35220-501, 35220-( ), 354 RFQ
tso-c10b sagem avionics, inc sms-40 453-7700-00, RFQ
tso-c40c smith aerospace ltd vor receiving equipment 2855-01-1, 2855-01-1 mod a, 2855-01-1 mod xx, 2855-01-1 mod f, 2855-01-1 mod e, 2855-01-1 mod d, 2855-01-1 mod c, 2855-01-1 mod b, RFQ
tso-c127 sicma aero seat N/A 6584211-31, 94(xx)(x)10-29, 5078201-02, 5061241-03, 5061211-01, 5061201-02, 5056341-15, 5056341-05, 5056201-02, 5078211-01, 6584341-05, 6584341-06, 6584341-25, 6584341-35, 65a4201-02, 65a4201-04, 65a4201-06, 65a4201-10, 65a4201-12, 5056211-01, 6584211-21, 6584201-22, 6584201-10, 6584201-04, 6584201- RFQ
tso-c1c systron donner N/A 901513 ( ) series, model 601 8550-( ), 901513-01, RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies, inc. nut, self-locking, 250f, 450f 97030-2012, RFQ
tso-c52a symetrics industries, llc horizon gyro 540-( ), p/n 504-0040-9( ), 540-( ), p/n 504-0054-9( ), RFQ
tso-c28 schneider wheel skis N/A sws-6000-24, sws-4000-19h, sws-4000, sws-2000-15, sws-4000-15h, sws-4000-19, sws-2000-18, sws-4000-23h, sws-4000c-15h, sws-4000c-23h, sws-1000-10, sws-4000c-19h, sws-1000-8, RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies, inc. ae retainer nut, corner bacr10ah6c, RFQ
tso-c52a s-tec corporation N/A 0115-( ), 0114-( ), 0114-( ), 0113-( ), 0113-( ), 0110-( ), 0110-( ), 0110-tf, 0116-( ), 0110-t, 0110-t, 0104-( ), 0104-( ), 0103-( ), 0110-tf, 0142-( ), 0142-( ), 0141-( ), 0141-( ), 0115-( ), 0119-( ), 0117-( ), 0117-( ), 01164-( ), 01164-( ), 0116-( ), 0119-( ), 0103-( ), RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies N/A various additional as provided in supplement c listing-6 part #s {re:approval letter dated december 22, 2000}, various additional as provided in supplement c & d listings-698 part #s {re:approval letter dated november 20, 2000}, various additional as provided in supplement c, listing-3 part #s { RFQ
tso-c35b sperry flight systems avi N/A 6098032-( ), RFQ
tso-c10b sigma tek, inc. N/A 801a, 401a, RFQ
tso-c9c s-tec corporation annunciator 01188-(), RFQ
tso-c52b smith aerospace ltd N/A 503mfd()-(), 503mfd2-4, 1701cuf1 mod xx, 1801cuf1 mod xx, 506mfd1 mod xx, 201lsu1 mod xx, RFQ
tso-c36e sagem avionics, inc integrated cockpit display sys icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8x, icds-8a, p/n 453-0550-8xx, RFQ
tso-c75 smiths tubular systems - iii-a-s/p-f: 4, 5 model 180s series, RFQ
tso-c62d simex aircraft tyre compa tire size 32x11.50-15, 12 ply, 63mn6260, RFQ
tso-c142a saft america, inc. non-rechargeable lithium batte 39123a0600, RFQ
tso-c60a sagem avionics, inc loran navigation system model ava-1000 pn 453-0089, RFQ
tso-c113 sagem avionics, inc engine monitoring module model emm-35 pn 453-5030, RFQ
tso-c38b s-tec corporation N/A vhf-251s-690101-2, vhf-251s-690101-2, vhf-251s 690101-3, vhf-251s 690101-3, ctl-60( ), vhf-253 690102/-02, vhf-251e 690101-5, vhf-253s 690102-04/-6, vhf-253s 690102-04/-6, vhf-253 690102/-02, vhf-251e 690101-4, vhf-251e 690101-4, vhf-251 690101-1, vhf-251 690101-1, vhf-251 690101, ctl-60( ), vhf-251 RFQ
tso-c148 sps technologies, inc. ae mechanical fasteners 10793, 108-7940-( )ret, g14421, en 3241, f11184, f11602-3, f52za5, f9206m, gn502a, gr531ar, lhta517-2860, lhta3300, lhg15a, nas1031, nc4284, nh1009318-10, nka6113-40, nkte, ns102708, m63640, m63740, ma12600, ma12700, ma13600, ma13700, hs4152, hs4264, 2552ret, 3610, 3710, 3d0002, 3d0190, 23700-12, 12 RFQ
tso-c58a shure communications inc. N/A 598t, 888tt, am8t, RFQ
tso-c67 sperry rand corp. sperry N/A ad-200 2588369-( ), RFQ
tso-c56b skurka aeropsace inc. starter generators p/n 160sg140q-4, revision nc, p/n 150sg1220q, revision k, p/n 150sg122q-4, revision nc, p/n 160sg140q, revision d, p/n 400sgxxxq(-y-z-bbb), p/n 200sgl130q-4, revision nc, p/n 200sgl130q, revision f, RFQ
tso-c106 shadin company inc. N/A 9628( ), 913211-( ), 9128( ), 963200-( ), RFQ
tso-c52a s-tec corporation dual channel 400 hz to dc sign 01164-(), RFQ
tso-c127a sicma aero seat double seat 50b22(x)(x)-(xx), RFQ
tso-c9c s-tec corporation force trim actuator 01243-3-(), RFQ
tso-c35d s-tec corporation N/A amr-350h, mkl-350, amr-350, mkl-351, mkl-350, RFQ
tso-c6e shadin avionics synchro coverter ais-450, pn 834511-( ) where 834511-00 is first in a series, RFQ
tso-c127a sicma aero seat passenger triple seats 23263(x)(x)-(x)(xx), 23263(x)(x)-(x)(xx), RFQ
tso-c6c shelter, ltd. N/A sm15, sm20, RFQ
tso-c22f secur aiglon trw blvd. du N/A 343-1, 346( )( ) ( ) ( ), RFQ
tso-c6d sfim N/A 420-00339-0(xx), 420-00332-4(xx), 420-01867-2(xx), 420-00346-0(xx), 420-01867-3(xx), 420-00332-7xx, 622-5812-001, 420-00346-0xx, 420-01867-4xx, 420-00332-5(xx), RFQ

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